I was getting off US 131 in Plainwell because D Avenue is shutdown. I'm glad I did for another reason. It looks like Aubree's Pizzeria and Grill is out of business, just like the one on Gull Road.

I understand opening up any kind of business, let alone something as subjective as a pizza place is a risky proposition to begin with. But I remember several people who were familiar with Aubree's from the Detroit area being real excited that Aubree's was coming here. But as experience teaches you, just because it's big someplace else doesn't mean it will be big here.

I remember going once with my family to the location that was open for a short time on Gull Road and it was, ok. The pizza was nothing to get excited about.

Of course, you feel bad for the people who have lost their jobs, but, fingers crossed, maybe they'll all get better jobs when we comeback from the pandemic.

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