Night time is the right time to enjoy the farmer's market.

For most of us when we think about going to the Farmer's Market, we think of a leisurely Saturday morning, picking out the freshest foods...not so anymore!

The Kalamazoo Farmer's Market, that is located at 1204 Bank Street, will be open for night owls this summer! Once a month Kalamazoo's only Night Market will  featuring all of the food trucks, artisans, and farmers you love.

The Night Market

  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 16
  • September 20

Have any questions about the market? Well, explains the Kalamazoo Farmers Market perfectly...

The purpose of the Kalamazoo and Portage Farmers Markets is to connect customers and market businesses through honest relationships & supporting community and local economies through a thriving market culture.

Regular Hours

Saturday:  7am - 2pm

Tuesday:  8am - 1pm
Thursday:  3pm - 7pm

A few new things you can expect from the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market...

  • The use of new signage designating whether a vendor is a Grower, Retailer, Producer or Artisan, giving customers a base level of transparency.
  • Improvements to placemaking with the addition of live music and food trucks.
  • Opening up a pedestrian courtyard that added 40 vendor spaces and diversified the market.

You see at the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market...maybe in the morning or maybe for the night time shopping!


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