Times have been tough and that's putting it simply. But, for those using Bridge Cards in Kalamazoo you can now get double the food thanks to the Kalamazoo Farmers Market.

I came across a Facebook post from the Kalamazoo Farmers Market talking about their 'Double Up Food Bucks' program. The program, from the Fair Food Network, aims to help low-income families eat healthier by doubling up on purchased fruits and veggies for free.

Here's how it works: When you use your Bridge Card at the Kalamazoo Farmer's market Double Up will match your fruit and veggie purchase, dollar for dollar, up to $20 a day. You are eligible to use Double Up if:

  • You have an active EBT/Bridge Card
  • You are on Snap

Some locations may ask for a sign up at the register.

The Kalamazoo Farmers Market is getting ready to reopen for the season on May 1st which gives you a couple of weeks to sign up for the Double Up Food Bucks if you're interested. Find out how to sign up, details on how it works, and what stores are participating on Double Up's website. As well, you can stay up to date with the Kalamazoo Farmers Market on their website or Facebook page.

If you find yourself in a position where you don't have the luxury of waiting for the farmers market to open to take advantage of a program that gives you more food, I'm happy to say that there are a lot of local programs working hard to help.

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The SW Michigan Food Bank, for example, holds a regular drive-thru pantry every Tuesday. And Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes is also offers same day pantry pick up and even home delivery in some cases. Find their information here.

If you find yourself in need of Bridge Card or other types of assistance please visit the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' website here.

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