There an important life lesson here. It was about a week ago that former Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya went off on social media, ripping the team and calling for pretty much one's head, starting with General Manager Al Avila.

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And yes, the Detroit Tigers were playing pretty miserably. But there are life lessons that baseball has taught us. "It's a long season." Don't get too high when things are good, and don't get too low when things are bad."

And if you are an aging baseball fan like I am, there's another thing you know: young teams are inconsistent. And the Tigers are a young team. They will go on streaks, like they are right now. And they'll just as easily lose six in a row. It's a part of the growth process. The youngsters like Daz Cameron and Spencer Torkelson will make you lick your chops, but at the same time, they will break your heart at times, too.

Everybody's got to play and grow and it's showing. A 14-27 start turns into a seven out of nine. And it'll be the opposite along the way. But enjoy this, because you're in on the beginning of something special. But you gotta be patient.

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