Michigan is a damn fine state for craft beer, and west Michigan in particular has a ton of them. One of the younger breweries in Kalamazoo is Wax Wings on Gull Road, opened in 2018, but that's still plenty of time to leave a lasting impression on the community.

So, to thank the people, and the city that has welcomed them so much, they have released a new brew that pays tribute to "Kalamazoo's Finest." (And no, it's not the Police.. it's You."

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Wax Wings has been paying homage to it's home city of Kalamazoo for quite some time. In fact, they get even more hyper-focused with their tiny neighbors down the road in Nazareth. But lately, they've been focusing on KZoo.

Recently, they launched the Kalamazoo Skyline IPA during Craft Beverage Week, but now, they're doubling down and releasing a lager called "Kalamazoo's Finest." Most breweries in the area tend to focus on IPAs and darker beers, so a lager is relatively rare for breweries in west Michigan. However, they aren't unheard of.

The Founder of Wax Wings, Rob Hopkins (best name EVER for a brewer by the way) told the Kalamazoo Gazette they wanted to create a beer that represents the people of Kalamazoo, and make it something exciting.

Add to that, Wax Wings designed a can to go with this exciting, new beer for Kalamazoo that features a classic, old style shield, but, is still inspired by the peregrine falcons that next on top of the Fifth Third building in Downtown Kalamazoo every year.

The beer won't be on tap for a little while, but Wax Wings will have their official tapping party on May 11th with some live music.

Keep an eye on their social media for other events and release dates, but it's pretty cool they're paying tribute to the city who welcomed them in.

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