Mackinac Island is a curious place to a lot of people. It's like stepping back in time, in a lot of ways, with no cars allowed on the island, and its old-world appeal and aesthetic.

But with an old-world appeal, comes the potential for old-world spirits, and a crew from the Discovery Channel are currently in the middle of a two-part series investigating paranormal activity on the island.

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"Expedition X" crews from the Discovery Channel recently descended on Mackinac Island to do some ghost-hunting, and soon enough, we'll find out if anything sinister, playful, or downright mean in the after-life was found.

The crew of paranormal investigators is led by Josh Gates, who was best known for his original show "Ghost Hunters." He now leads and produces "Expedition X" on Discovery, which also stars Phil Torres and Jessica Chobot.

The Mackinac Island investigation is actually a two-part episode, that started with  "Death Island" on Feb. 21st, followed by the second part, "Secrets of Mackinac," set to air Feb. 28th. The crew claims that the island is, "reportedly the most haunted place in America," according to their first episode on the island.

The team will spread out around different areas of the island, including investigating a shipwreck off its shores. They'll also be staying overnight in one of the alleged haunted hotels on the island.

The second episode airs Feb. 28th on Discovery, but you can stream all of Season 7, including the Feb. 21st episode on Philo, FuboTV, and DirecTV Stream.

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Hauntings of Mackinac Island

The island has been a significant historical point for Michigan, as well as Canada and The U.S. Before colonizers came, it was a meeting point for all of the major tribes in the region, and then served as a fur trading "home base" of sorts between the French and English colonizers.

It stands to reason, an island with so much history would definitely have spirits. Fort Homes, which is a restored British stronghold on top of the island, is a popular spirit spot, where some claim to see the image of three soldiers having a conversation, then suddenly disappear.

There's also the story of "Lucy," who was a young girl that many report seeing all over the island, with curly hair, and a light sundress.

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