Looking at sports in Michigan, there is a large selection of teams you can choose to support, and even some colleges that allow you to be sport-neutral and cheer year-round. Now, there's no doubt that some of the most passionate fans lie within the state of Michigan, but who do they cheer for the most?

We have seen Lions fans scream, shout, hope, and pray that success will come and after the same result, nothing changes. Red Wings fans still reminisce on the good days and believe Steve Yzerman is the best thing since sliced bread. Oh, don't forget all those crazy Wolverine fans that love all things University of Michigan (U of M).

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Maybe you choose to cheer for the Tigers because you like their color scheme and how beautiful the baseball park is, or if you cheer for the Pistons because you like Little Caesar's pizza, or you choose Michigan State because your high school mascot was a spartan.

There are a ton of different reasons why people choose to be fans of the school or team they choose. We'll take all of that into consideration, but below is a list of rankings based on the fans that go the hardest for their team in Michigan.

Most Passionate Sports Fans In Michigan

Rankings of the passion and intensity that fans cheer and support their favorite Michigan Sports teams.

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