Back when i was a kid, I always knew my 'go-to' daytime TV shows when I was sick or we had a snow day. It was all about Maury, Jerry Springer, The Price Is Right at lunchtime, and Judge Judy. Now, it's all about Dr.Phil. But according to a new survey put out by, Michigan's supposed favorite daytime TV show is one I've never even heard of. Now, granted, I don't have cable but I stay pretty well within the loop as far as daytime TV is concerned.

According to this study, The Doctors, is our favorite show. Whats "The Doctors?" The way they determined this was by started with a list of all currently airing daytime TV shows (excluding Sunday morning programs), then they looked at Google search volume of each show from the past year by state, then compiled a list of the most-watched daytime TV shows in America.

Here's a list of the favorites by state:

      Alabama: Paternity Court


      Alaska: The Dr. Oz Show


      Arizona: The Price is Right


      Arkansas: Dr. Phil


      California: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


      Colorado: DAILY BLAST LIVE


      Connecticut: The People’s Court


      Delaware: Hot Bench


      Florida: Supreme Justice with Judge Karen


      Georgia: Sister Circle


      Hawaii: The Dr. Oz Show


      Idaho: Dr. Phil


      Illinois: Judge Mathis


      Indiana: Let’s Make a Deal


      Iowa: The Dr. Oz Show


      Kansas: Dr. Phil


      Kentucky: Dr. Phil


      Louisiana: The Young and the Restless


      Maine: Jeopardy!


      Maryland: The Real


      Massachusetts: Funny You Should Ask


      Michigan: The Doctors


      Minnesota: The Price is Right


      Mississippi: Wheel of Fortune


      Missouri: Hot Bench


      Montana: Dr. Phil


      Nebraska: The Price is Right


      Nevada: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


      New Hampshire: Good Morning America


      New Jersey: General Hospital


      New Mexico: The Doctors


      New York: The View


      North Carolina: Family Feud


      North Dakota: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


      Ohio: The Price is Right


      Oklahoma: Dr. Phil


      Oregon: TMZ Live


      Pennsylvania: The View


      Rhode Island: The Today Show


      South Carolina: Jeopardy!


      South Dakota: The Price is Right


      Tennessee: Maury


      Texas: Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez


      Utah: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


      Vermont: Jeopardy!


      Virginia: Jeopardy!


      Washington: Jeopardy!


      West Virginia: Days of our Lives


      Wisconsin: The Price is Right


    Wyoming: Wheel of Fortune

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