In light of Indigenous Peoples' Day, a holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October, an Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration will be taking place at Milham Park in Kalamazoo.

Looking back on my public education, it's startling just how much history wasn't covered. I can only speak for my education but, for example, did you know about the Indian trails that were used by Native Americans to travel across Michigan? I just learned about them last week:

I'm confident that the list of things I don't know about Native American and Indigenous peoples' history is longer than the things I do know. This is why I'm looking forward to this upcoming event.

The Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration will be happening both virtually and in person at Milham Park to "honor the histories, cultures, contributions, and resilience of contemporary Native peoples" according to their Facebook post.

Here's the schedule:

  • On Sunday, October 10th, a virtual event will be held from 1pm - 5pm
  • On Monday, October 11th, an in-person event will take place at Milham Park from 4pm - 7pm
    • Social distancing is encouraged for this event but it will include food, giveaways, round dance, an open mic, drum music, and more.
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Donations Needed:

The Facebook post made by Monica Padula, who I'm assuming is one of the organizers of the event, goes on to say that they are seeking co-sponsors or donations for this event. Donations will cover a range of things from accessible travel assistance, PPE, seats for elders, and more.

If you are able to donate or are interested in co-sponsoring this event you can contact Monica Padula at 517-862-1455 or email

If you'd like help with explaining what Indigenous Peoples Day means to your kids, I found this helpful video breaking down the importance and history of this recognized holiday:

As well, you can read more about when Indigenous Peoples' Day started and more here.

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