The only way she could see her mom was to get a job at her nursing home.  So, she did.

Assisted living facilities and senior homes all over the U.S. have closed their doors to visitors for the health of their staff and residents.  This is a scary time for the elderly people in these homes and their family members.  Many are worried that they'll never see each other again.

Janie Kasse understands why this is happening but still had to do something according to the Courier Journal,

It was a necessary restriction, Kasse knew, meant to protect the seniors from getting COVID-19, a quick-spreading disease that could put their health at risk.  But her 65-year-old mother, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury, couldn't read, write or even make phone calls like other residents. She'd be stuck in bed without in-person interactions that kept her active and upbeat.

That's why Janie applied for a job at her mother's senior home.  Would you believe she was hired?  Janie Kasse started her new job as a hospitality aide on March 18th.  Her mother is beyond thrilled.

It's nice to get a little good news during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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