Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I plan to submit to you evidence that will clearly show the accused was framed and it was an inside job.

Last week, deputies with the Putman County Sheriff's Office in Indiana took to social media in what they say was an attempt to warn the public of a potential stuffed bunny killer on the loose.

The photos of the crimes are hard to look at. Those faint of heart may wish to sit before viewing the images and perhaps grab some smelling salts should the shock prove to be too much for your sensibilities.

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana
Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana

The photo above is just one of the graphic images deputies with the Putman County Sheriff's Office shared of their Indiana investigation.

Below is part of the initial statement from the Putman County Sheriff's Office on the crime.

Colonel Matt Demmings came upon this grisly scene just outside of his office around 11 AM. The suspect tore apart two innocent bunny victims, leaving their stuffed entrails scattered throughout the hallway. Crime scene investigators have located trace evidence of "puppy chow" around the scene. Furthermore a witness was able to provide a grainy photo of a possible suspect.
If you see this suspect around, do not approach!! He is considered armed and slobbery.

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana
Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana

The photo above is that of their alleged suspect, who is clearly innocent.

I reached out to the Putman County Sheriff's Office to ask a few questions about the crime and suspect. Not surprisingly, they initially refused to answer many of my questions. However, Corporal Scott Ducker later reached back out. He said that new information related to the case may unfold next week. The sheriff's office now has the suspect in custody and they plan to release more details as they are able.


The only answer I could get is that the suspect in question is a puppy who is training to be a K-9 officer with their department.

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Apparently, I am not alone in the belief that the evidence just does not add up. In fact, it's almost like someone within the department staged the crime scene and planted evidence to make it look like the 'good boy' did it.

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana
Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana

Look closely at the photo of the crime scene above. Does anything look out of place to you? Perhaps the puppy kibble laying directly on the crime scene tape? How convenient. Wouldn't it be difficult for the alleged suspect to leave said kibble on top of the crime scene tape after detectives had taken control of the scene?

Wouldn't it also be premature for the sheriff's office to release a photo of the suspect when clearly the crime scene has been tampered with?

This was not an isolated incident. The very next day, Putman County Sheriff's Office shared photos of a separate crime scene and included a better image of the so-called suspect.

Detectives went so far as to release a profile of the suspect, violating his rights and slandering his fine upstanding character.

Commenters agreed that the photos of the crime scene don't look right.

He or She is being framed ! No Lab would leave kibble (or food of any type) at the scene !! ~Mary Dodt-Dick


I think he's framed. On further investigation, the alleged "puppy chow" is seen on top of the tape lol ~Cyndee Rhoades Zylstra

Another commenter vouched for the good boy's alibi.

I think the suspect is innocent. He was framed. he has a good alibi. He was with me. He couldn’t have done it. ~Suzie Young Miller

One person thinks they know who is behind the gruesome crime.

This is the works of a cat gang. ~Lisa Carper
While we have yet to hear back from detectives on the case, an update will be provided should they decide to reach back out.

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