An Indianapolis couple is stuck in the Caribbean after a crazy honeymoon accident.

The newlyweds were feeling adventurous on their honeymoon according to,

Clay and Acaimie Chastain got married July 13. The next day, the newlyweds traveled to the island of St. Kitts to start their honeymoon adventure.

On July 18, the Chastains decided to hike up Mount Liamuiga. After downloading a trail help app and searching unsuccessfully for a guide, they climbed the dormant volcano by themselves.

After their 2 and a half hour climb up the volcano Clay decided to climb down a crater.  What could go wrong?  His wife heard a loud noise and began to climb down after him to see if her husband was ok.  That's when she saw Clay's cellphone and bandanna.

She found her husband bleeding from the back of the head and vomiting.  Some Acaimie helped her husband up out of the crater.  It then took them nearly 3 hours to make the trek down the volcano together.

Clay was badly injured.  His wife carried him down the mountain.  Somebody give this woman a cape!  She's a freakin' super hero.

Clay is currently battling a brain injury in a St. Kits hospital.  The couple are trying to come up with the money to safely get him to a hospital back in the states.  It will cost a shocking $35,000.  Acaimie's sister Sabrina has started a GoFundMe.  The GoFundMe has already reached it's goal.  Check it out by clicking here.

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