Last Thursday a fire alarm and an evacuation of a Motel 6 in Mishawaka, Indiana lead to a couple of bizarre discoveries and an arrest.

The incidents that took place at this Indiana motel are bonkers from beginning to end.  This all started when local law enforcement just happened to be in the business doing their routine patrols when a fire alarm was set off.  Guests of the motel quickly began evacuating as the piercing alarm rang.  It didn't take long for the police officer's investigation to bear fruit according to ABC 57,

A witness told an officer that the fire was in “Sam’s room” on the fourth floor, reports said.  Investigators identified “Sam” as Sandeep Muttreja, the general manager.

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That's when employees threw their Motel 6 manager under the Cheech and Chong bus and told officers that Sam was back in the hotel smoking the devil's lettuce.  When local law enforcement found him, he was clearly intoxicated.  Another employee showed an investigator a surveillance video of Sam, the motel manager, walking around the 4th-floor hallway near the elevator completely nude.

The motel manager was found and arrested for public nudity.  The man bonded out of jail in a flash, on Saturday.  He is expected back in court, fully dressed, on May 27th in Saint Joseph County.

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