Several years after their first date on the Ferris Wheel at the Fall Festival, he popped the question.

Nate Allen and Jayden Ketcham have shared more than one romantic moment together at the annual Fall Festival in Evansville, Indiana.  Last Tuesday night Nate did something he's wanted to do for a while.  In fact, he planned on asking Jayden to marry him on this very same Ferris Wheel at Fall Festival last year.  As we all know now, 2020 turned out to be the wrecker of plans.  Fall Fest didn't happen last year.  So, neither did the proposal.

Allen waited patiently a whole year.  I'm sure that ring was burning a hole in his pocket.  Then the big day came around.  He didn't exactly get on one knee since they were both safely secured in the Ferris Wheel, but he still got the job done and she was surprised according to Tristate Hompage,

Ketcham says she would’ve been upset had she known about the plan, but says “everything works out the way it’s supposed to.” Allen says he wanted to make their moment special and figured “it’s worth the wait.”

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By the sound of that comment from Ketcham, a festival would not be her first pick for a proposal location.  However, she's clearly happy with the outcome.  I'm sure the people around them loved it.  Who doesn't love a public proposal?  A couple of weeks ago a couple got engaged to be married with the help of the scoreboard at a WMU Bronco's football game.  The crowd went wild.  Click here to see that full story.

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