A very scary moment was diffused by flying baked goods just outside of Indianapolis Saturday.

Usually a food fight is fun.  In this food fight, they were fighting for their lives.  A small, family owned business had an unwanted guest that clearly posed a threat to everyone in the store according to WTHR.com,

Police say a man wearing a ski mask went into Two Chicks Whisky Business on Main Street, locked the door and acted like he was reaching for a gun.

When the creepy suspect entered Two Chicks Whiskey Business owners Rhonda and her wife Paige were working.  Their son and daughter were also there at the time.  The Two Chicks facebook page posted a photo Sunday of the aftermath and explained that "a man with a violent history who rushed in our bakery and headed toward our 19 yr old daughter."  The Two Chicks Whisky owners say that they are forever changed and do not know what their future holds.  You can see the entire facebook post below.

The suspect was soon identified and captured.  25-years-old Matthew Marshall is facing felony charges of criminal confinement and robbery according to WTHR.

Tuesday afternoon Two Chicks Whisky posted a very positive update to a very traumatic situation.

Bonus video: WTHR speaks with one of the Two Chicks Whisky owners below.

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