This past Saturday on January 11th, the Y Bar in Kalamazoo was a packed house for Independence Pro Wrestling: High Stakes. This event was built up and talked about for the past two months, with the anticipation building for the Main Event of IPW Owner Josh Raymond, going one-on-one against the IPW Michiana Champion Aaron Orion in a Ladder Match for the strap. Yours truly was even the ring announcer for the event.

The night started out out with what was supposed to be the first match of the evening. As I began basic introductions, The Death Threat Army's music began playing, and one of the most intimidating forces in wrestling hit the ring, six deep. Their leader, IPW Michiana Champion Aaron Orion, grabbed the mic from my hand. He came in hot, claiming he was going to announce who would face the IPW Tag Team Champions and D.T.A members Tommy Vendetta & Jack Price that night for the belts. He revealed that it would be D.T.A members Isaiah Broner & Adam Wick. That's real fair. Clearly they're not gonna have a chance at losing now. Just then, Jimmy and Jheras Grey, The Grey Wolves, came out and issued a challenge to turn it into a 3-way Tag Team match for the titles. Not one to be intimidated or one-up'd, Orion sealed the deal and confirmed it. Then, IPW Owner Josh Raymond came out to antagonize his opponent for the night, revealing Orion's army had a defection from within. Just then, the tank, Karem started laying out his fellow D.T.A brothers in complete shock as a total melee ensued. Karem grabbed the mic and told the crowd he was done being someone's b**** and that he wanted to prove he had what it took to be IPW Champion. This scattered chaos set the tone for what would be a memorable night in Kalamazoo.

Match 1: "The Supreme" Kieth Creme (vs) Zak Ibiza
Creme was a strong presence in the ring but wasn't able to achieve the RESPECT  he demanded or the win, as Zak Ibiza won by pinfall. Ibiza was run-in on after the match and saved by "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin.

Match 2: "Hype" Jimmy Shalwin (vs) Jaimy Coxxx
This was the rubber match between these two. Hype had the crowd on his side while Coxxx gave the crowd the business the whole time, then cheated his way to victory by scoring a pinfall using the tights and the ropes as leverage, beyond the referee's view.

Match 3: Dickie Watts & ??? (vs) Nomads
Dickie Watts was without a partner to start the match, when it was announced last second his replacement would be the IAWF Women's Champion and the next big thing, "The British Amazon" Heidi Katrina. This was unexpected and threw off Nomads, as Heidi's incredible in-ring talent and the nimbleness of Watts proved to be too much, as they won by pinfall. Katrina showed tremendous respect by offering handshakes to her opponents after the match. After leaving, Nomads turned on CJ for losing the match, thus ending their friendship within Nomads.

Match 4: "The Undisputed King" Breyer Wellington (vs) "Old Timer" Jeff King
Led to the ring by the "24 Karat Lion/Fight Promoter/Managerial Aficionado"  Jeremiah Goldmain, The 2-time JCW Champion Breyer Wellington came out and they demanded the crowd pay respects to "The Undisputed King," which didn't prove to go over so well. Soon after, "Old Timer" Jeff King came out to the ring with his ribs heavily taped up. He informed myself, the referee and Breyer that he was unable to compete because of his injury, but was able to find a replacement. A local favorite and Kalamazoo resident, Roger Lanier. This caused stress and confusion the whole match, as Goldmain remained keyed up and animated throughout the match, trying to destroy Lanier's momentum with the crowd's support. Wellington was unprepared for this opponent, which proved to be the deciding factor as Lanier came out with the victory.

Match 5: Derek Wolfe (vs) Felix Moreo
It was super important for Wolfe to get Kalamazoo to understand he eats, breathes, and sleeps success. That his opponent was just generic, and that he was Derek...Derek Wolfe. Through all of his personal successes and accolades throughout his life, he was unable to obtain success in the match, losing to Moreo by pinfall.

Match 6: 3-Way/Lucha Rules IPW Tag Team Championship Match 
Jimi & Jheras Grey "The Grey Wolves" (vs) Tommy Vendetta & Jack Price (C) (vs) Isaiah Broner & Adam Wick, collectively, the Death Threat Army
The match started out as a total melee with both Grey brothers being outnumbered on the outside of the ring. With heavy chops, back drops, and nipple twists not for the weak at heart, it seemed like the Grey Wolves' chances were doomed. The action finally made its way into the ring. Isaiah Broner went for a pin on one of the Grey Wolves, and that's where the Death Threat Army started bursting at the seems. All 4 members got in each others faces, as Broner and Wick felt they deserved to be champs every bit as their partners; That it shouldn't matter as long as the gold stayed within the D.T.A. This allowed the Grey Wolves to take advantage of their quarrels, sneaking up behind and pushing all 4 members into one another, giving both sides the impression they were ready to throw down. This tactic allowed the match to even up and the three teams displayed high flying athleticism, which would lead the match coming to a shocking conclusion. Just as the match was at a toss up, Karem, now former member of the D.T.A came out to aide the Grey Wolves, taking out his former partners. As D.T.A members lay scattered throughout the ring area, Tommy Vendetta was left alone in the ring with both Greys and was taken out by Jimi with a tornado DDT off the ropes. They then covered for the 3 count, sealing victory for the Grey Wolves, making them the NEW IPW Tag Team Champs.
After the match, Karem issued a challenge to IPW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Price for the belt. Price accepted the challenge but immediately was disqualified for a blatant low blow to the groin, taking Karem down and out. This isn't the end of their bad blood and we could possible see a World Title Defense coming up within the next few events. 

Main Event: IPW Michiana Championship Ladder Match
Josh Raymond (vs) Aaron Orion (C)
What was hyped as an epic battle, indeed turned out to be a brawl and absolute bloodbath. Right from the bell, the match became a fierce and hardcore battle which led to Josh Raymond being split wide open when Orion threw a ladder right at his head. Raymond would continue to battle his heart out, but the tremendous and dangerous amount of blood loss he suffered in the match left him disoriented. This left him in a compromising situation. Orion stood a ladder up across from the turnbuckles and balanced another ladder on the rung of the standing ladder and the middle turnbuckle. He then proceeded to deliver a double-underhook piledriver to Raymond straight through the splintered and shattered ladder. That was all she wrote. Orion climbed the ladder and retrieved his Michiana Championship. Soon after, Raymond was transported to the hospital to receive a blood transfusion, while the Death Threat Army ended the night doing country music karaoke in the ring. What a slap in the face. What a match. What an event.


This was by far the best independent wrestling show I've ever seen or was lucky enough to be a a part of. If you've never seen these wrestlers before, you can follow them on Facebook for news on their next event.


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