Kalamazoo has some perfect restaurants for couples looking to go out on Valentine's Day, and also some places singles can go out and cram down some comfort food. Grubhub recently compiled a national list of of top ordered foods for singles and couples. It seems like couples REALLY like sushi, while singles are going for foods that take the pain of being single away.

Top foods ordered by singles:

  1. Pizza puff
  2. Chicken burrito
  3. Chicken quesadilla
  4. Bacon and egg sandwich
  5. Chorizo burrito
  6. Beef pho
  7. Grilled steak burrito
  8. Pizza roll
  9. Kung pao chicken
  10. Shawarma sandwich

Top foods ordered by couples:

  1. Chicken satay
  2. Eel avocado roll
  3. Alaska roll
  4. Spicy tuna roll
  5. Shrimp shumai
  6. Spicy salmon roll
  7. Salmon roll
  8. Philadelphia roll
  9. Shrimp tempura roll
  10. Salmon avocado roll

If you're a couple that falls into the category of sushi lovers, there are no doubt tons of places to get your fix. Either way, treat yourself and your significant other with whatever makes you happy.

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