See how much money these classic Disney VHS tapes are going for 

I found this website called Dose, and it found that certain Disney VHS tapes are going for a lot of money on eBay.   They could be worth hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars. If you've got old copies of "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Fox and the Hound" or one of several other plastic-cased Disney tapes, you might be able to turn a ridiculous profit on eBay.

"There aren't actually any bids on the tapes yet, though, which seems odd. So while you could just end up listing your old VHS tape for an astronomical price and looking like a fool, it's totally worth it on the off chance some collector just has to have your specific tape. " -

According to a collector, "Disney Black Diamond VHS Video's were Disney's first attempt to sell directly to the home market." This means these tapes have the original cuts of the films.

The most expensive tape found, was the original version of "Beauty and the Beast" for $10,999.  My mom went through our storage at home and found a bunch of my old Disney VHS tapes and sent me photos of them.  I am going to see how much they go for on eBay and keep you updated.