“Look Twice. Save a Life.”

Summer time has arrived and the roads are calling our names. Is there anything better then driving with the windows down and the radio up? There is, knowing who else is traveling on the roads with you.

“Look Twice. Save a Life”, is the message that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson wants to get out. The Secretary of State told the Detroit Free Press...

“Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties average more than three motorcycle-vehicle crashes every day in peak riding season. We’re asking every driver in metro Detroit and throughout Michigan to go the extra mile this summer and ‘Look Twice. Save a Life.’”

Patch.com reported that the preliminary data from the Governors Highway Safety Association showed that 142 motorcycle fatalities were reported in Michigan in 2017. That is only number of people killed while riding, that does not include those who have been injured.

The 'Look Twice. Save a Life' campaign is the first-of-its-kind campaign to promote motorcyclist awareness, safety and education among motorists. On top of that the program supports research regarding what area's roads are the worst for motorcycle accidents.

Many accidents happen when a vehicle driver is attempting to turn left. Other factors in a motorcycle accident...

  • Most crashes occur between 4 and 7 p.m., during the rush-hour drive.
  • Male and female vehicle drivers between ages 20 and 29 who don’t ride motorcycles are most frequently involved.
  • Alcohol isn’t usually a factor.

Cars have to share the road with motorcycles, so please this summer 'Look Twice. Save a Life'


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