Here we are, halfway through May. We're still under the stay at home order, trying to find new ways to keep ourselves entertained, when I thought to myself, "If Kalamazoo was a food, what kind of food would it be?" I know, quite the imagination. Yet, it does pose a serious answer. We're known for al sorts of foods around here. Kalamazoo could potentially be a slab of ribs, after Ribfest. Oh man... now I just reminded myeself that Ribfest was cancelled this year. Time to eat my feelings away.

But it's also known for it's treats too. I think, personally, if Kalamazoo was any food it would be a Bell's Two Hearted Maple Glazed Donut with bacon. You got the Bell's beer, the donut which would most likely come from Sweetwaters because, like.. where else? Then you finish it off with some bacon chunks in honor of Ribfest. The ultimate Kalamazoo concoction.

But I wanted to once again reach out to the masses of the interwebs and see what our community thought about my little question. There were no shortage of unique answers as always. It seems like more and more these days we're finding new places, new foods and new cuisines to try while we do our best to help out local restaurants while they remain open during the pandemic.

Whether it's a representation of Kalamazoo during the pandemic or a time before we couldn't eat out, here's what food Kalamazoo would be according to the people from the area.

If Kalamazoo Was A Food What Would It Be?


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