After many long years, another staple is announcing their decision to close down.

On their Facebook page, Iannarelli's in Howe, Indiana recently announced their plans to sell their restaurant. The post read,

FOR SALE by owner. It has come time for Joyce and I to retire. If interested stop in or message me.

Simple and to the point.

While I've never personally visited Iannarelli's, judging by the comments it's been a popular place for a while:

Abbigail F. wrote: Are you still serving? If yes when is the last day? I want to make sure we make it out again!

Dorothy E. commented: It was Jeff and my favorite place to eat on date night.

And Kim M. said: So sad. We absolutely love your food & the atmosphere is awesome. 

I did some digging into the history of Iannarelli's to try to find out how long they've been open and serving their community. I didn't find the exact date of their establishment but, according to their website, Iannarelli's resides in a building that was built in the 1845. "To put it in perspective," the website reads, "that was just three years after a young Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd, three years before the California gold rush and sixteen years before the Civil War."

If you're a fan of Iannarelli's you still have time to show your patronage. For now, Iannarelli's is still open with limited hours: Thursday - Saturday 4:00pm - 8:00pm.

And if you're interested in buying the historical building you can contact the owners of Iannarelli's on Facebook, by phone at (260) 562-2500, or, like the Facebook post says, just stop in.

It seems like more an more places are shutting their doors for good. Whether its due to the pandemic or, like Iannarelli's, people are choosing to retire there's a long list of establishments that are no longer in operation. That includes bars and clubs.

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