This online retailer has customers livid.

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I have a Wii that I use for Netflix and old-school video games.  For certain games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. 3, you need the Classic Controller.  I couldn't find a classic controller in stores so I went to, as it was the first option on my Google search.

It was only going to cost me $16.35 with FREE shipping.  What I didn't pay attention to was the retailer that my purchase was coming from.  My receipt said that my Wii controller would arrive by Friday, January 13th.  Well, it is now Tuesday, January 24th and STILL no package.

Easy fix right?  Just find the order/tracking number or contact Walmart or USPS.  Wrong.  When I enter my tracking number into the USPS website, it says the package cannot be found.  Up until yesterday, it said that the package was "Processed Through Facility" but now, it cannot be tracked at all.

I've tried everything.  Walmart won't do anything about it because once you pay online, it is "out of our hands".  I researched the actual retailer...a company called VirVentures.  That led me to a website with multiple negative reviews about the company.


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"Totally Disgusted" 

I am totally disgusted with for dealing with Vir Ventures, especially after reading all these dissatisfied customers. Walmart should drop them from the list of companies they deal with if they care at all about their customers. I ordered something from Walmart not noticing it was through this awful company. UPS delivered it on 12/6 but it was only found on 1/8 because they left it in my back yard where I only saw it because I had someone shoveling back there. - Pauline M. via sitejabber

"Possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with"

I am not even sure where to begin. Bought two beverage refrigerators from that were shipped from this market place vendor. they both arrived damaged. Walmart absolutely refused to help me with the issue and told me i needed to speak with VirVentures. the number i was provided is rarely answered.  it has still been over a month with no credit or refund. this company is truly nothing short of fraud and should be out of business. i am planning to pursue any avenues i have to ensure this company does not treat other consumers that way they have treated me or the many others on this site. - Cebil R. via sitejabber

"Liars & Thieves!"

First of all, Walmart should be responsible for who they choose as vendors! Do not order any item on line from Walmart that dies not actually come from Walmart! This outfit, "Vir Ventures" are low life scammers! The first time I called them they hung up on me, I called back immediately to have an answering machine answer and left my name and phone number, I called back on four more occasions leaving name/number but they never return your call as they have no intention of doing so.  Stay clear and NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM VIR VENTURES! Debbie C. via sitejabber

"Buyer Beware!!!"

CUSTOMER BEWARE!!! Impossible to reach Customer Service and unreachable and no response back from this Outfit! - Marilyn H. via sitejabber

Don't learn the hard way like myself and these unsatisfied customers had to.  Make sure you know who you're buying from before you lose money.  I will update this post as (if) I find any further information about my lost purchase.