Over the weekend the unthinkable happened.  I ran out of Mountain Dew.  I'm pretty sure that lead to Suzannah and Hendrix wanting to go far, far away Sunday.

Last year I shared a video with the KFR audience called "I Am Sorry."  This is a video you can share on a person's facebook or twitter to apologize for something you did...or didn't do.

It looks like I now have to use my own video.

Suzannah and Hendrix, this is for you.

(Quick update) After an hour of no Mountain Dew Sunday Morning, I purchased a case.  That with sunny shine and almost 80 degrees...survived.

In other news...Did you hear about the local man who won $223,916 because of his Mountain Dew Addiction?

I may be a Mountain Dew addict...but at least I'm not this bad.