I got to spend time with Bill Wright through our involvement with Roof Sit, the annual benefit for the Community Healing Centers.  The goal of Roof Sit was to raise money to help fund the programs at the CHC that dealt with abused and neglected children in our community.  It was a cause close to Bill's heart and his commitment to helping kids was remarkable.

During the 2004 Roof Sit, my first, Bill stayed on the roof with me and my on-air partner, Noelle.  The entire event is a pretty intense 72-hours, but during some of the quieter moments late at night Bill shared some of his life history with us.  He talked about how the abuse he suffered as a child led him to dedicate himself to helping kids in that same situation and to do what he could to prevent it from happening to anyone else.  There was no BS to what he was saying.  He meant it and put his money where his mouth was - literally and figuratively.

Bill's passion to help always impressed me.  In every planning meeting I attended with him, he made it clear what his ultimate goal was - to help kids.  No matter what the event he just wanted to know how we could find a way to turn the results of the event into helping more kids.  He was in a position where he didn't have to act that way, but he did and did so often.

It's true that Bill was larger than life, brash, kinda in-your-face, and a lightning rod for attention.  But I'll admit to liking that part of him.  He made no apologies for who he was and didn't try to hide it.  His heart was huge.  His desire to make life awesome for kids in need was incredible.  I'll always respect that.

Ultimately I'll remember Bill Wright as a man driven to help prevent kids from suffering the abuse and neglect he experienced as a child and to get those that did the help that they needed.  He was a great character, but at his core I believe he just wanted to help kids.  And during his time here on Earth he sure did.

Rest in Peace Bill.