You know...we have enough stressful things in the news. Let's talk about something inspirational.

Business Insider recently published an interview they did with Detroit native, Michael Gray. Michael's story starts 9 years ago when he, as a college graduate, found himself without a job and homeless. Thankfully, he was able to stay in a family member's basement until a nephew was desperate to sell an abandoned, run down home. Michael saw and opportunity and bought the home for a mere $1500.

Now, before you go, "Wow! What a deal!" Michael absolutely got what he paid for. The home was falling apart, to put it mildly. Paint was peeling off the walls, the toilet didn't work, the ceiling was collapsing and it was infested with mites, mice, spiders, and I'm sure any other creature that could find shelter in the empty house. After hearing that my first instinct is to say - tear it down! But, Michael had a different vision.

Over the next 9 years, Michael took it upon himself to completely renovate his newly purchased property and turn it into a family home for, not just himself, but his soon to be wife too. With just an air mattress to sleep on, they moved in and got to work. Michael did 80% of the renovations on his own and when he couldn't continue he would enlist the help of friends. Tearing the interior of the home down to the studs, the DIY revamp results are incredible. I would love to share the before and after pictures here but, Michael kept the photos in an old photo album that he mailed directly to Business Insider. You can see them here.

2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people, including myself. People have lost their jobs, have lost family members, have lost all concept of the word 'normal'. But, this story is a prime example of how, even when things seem most desperate, there's hope on the horizon.

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