Two of my favorite things in life are TV sitcoms and Stanley Cup playoff hockey. Nothing better. Wednesday night, two "bizarro" worlds collided, with the return of Seinfeld's Puddy at a New Jersey Devils playoff game.If you've watched Seinfeld, you might remember a 1995 episode, "The Face Painter" where Jerry scores tickets to a NJ Devils playoff game, and Elaine's date, Puddy (actor Patrick Warburton) shows up with his face painted like a devil, scaring a priest and creeping Jerry out with his zealousness for the Devils.

The Devils have struggled in recent seasons, but they made the playoff this year, and last night hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning, Steve Yzerman's team.

Alas, with the Red Wings (for me, Blackhawks) out of the playoffs this years, it was fun seeing Puddy. (Warburton is actually from New Jersey) Though it didn't help the Devils. They lost 3-1 and are one game from elimination.


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