Normally, when I think of things that will be or have been labeled 'historic' I think of marches against racism, movements to save the environment, people standing up in the fact of adversity to fight for what they think is right. But, doing something historic doesn't have to be so immense. The smaller accomplishments are just as important. Like, owning your own restaurant. Let me explain.

Gretta Jackson just became an owner of an Outback Steakhouse in Detroit. The reason it's historic? She's the first black woman in the Detroit area to do so. And she worked hard for that accomplishment.

As a former Bloomin' Brands employee (they own Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill and Flemings Steakhouse) I can attest that it was a company that encouraged its employees to rise through the ranks, if you will. My former boss started as a dishwasher. Similarly, Gretta's journey started 20 years ago.

As reported by Fox 2 Detroit, at 19 years old, after her daughter was born, Gretta picked up a part time job as a server at the local Outback Steakhouse. She was in her first semester of college too. Now, I worked during college, of course, and found it difficult at most times to find a balance. Doing all of that AND taking care of a child? Absolutely incredible.

Now, after fulfilling many different roles in the company, she officially owns her own Outback. And she's getting the recognition she deserves. In an interview with Fox 2 Detroit she said,

What started off as what I thought was just a simple post to celebrate a milestone in my life quickly turned into something else. I could never imagined so many people would come to say hi and thank you and congratulations to me in person. I've had people send gifts, flowers, Edible Arrangements to the restaurant for me. Just an overwhelming amount of love and support.

As well, in a Facebook post on her personal page she said that she has received over 2000 messages and is working hard to respond to each one. She also said that, yes, her Outback Steakhouse is currently hiring. If you're in the Detroit area and would like to apply make sure you do so on Outback's website instead of sending Gretta a direct message.

I spent many a nights either yelling or crying in the walk-in cooler (fellow servers will understand what I mean) because my night was so frustrating or a customer was being difficult. I worked holidays, missed anniversaries and big events and I have no doubt that Gretta did the same. Rising to the top to own your own restaurant is incredible on its own. But, becoming the first black woman to own an Outback in her area during Black History Month? Absolutely wonderful.

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Congrats Gretta! No doubt you're an inspiration to younger generations and to some of us older ones too. ❤️

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