I decided I wanted to have some fun and ask the people of Southwest Michigan what their pets are doing during quarantine, but asked them to describe it by saying, "my drunk roommate is..." and some of the results are perfect:

My drunk roommate is sniffing his butt and running around in circles.
My drunk roommate is chilling on her comfy cushion.
My drunk roommate is going around the house knocking anything off shelves he can.
My drunk roommate keeps pooping on the lawn and sniffing my other drunk roommates butt.
My drunk roommate is laying on the floor in the hallway and occasionally chewing on his toes.
My drunk roommate is sitting on the back of the couch growling at the cars driving by the house.
My drunk roommates are laying on top of each other.
My Drunk Roommate is vigilantly sitting in the window waiting to growl and bark at anyone who has the audacity to walk by our house.
My drunk roommate just ate a pig’s ear and is now licking up the Oberon I accidentally spilled.
My drunk roommate is running all over the house, screaming at the top of his lungs, while chasing his other drunk roommate around who is pissed and whacking him in the face.
My drunk roommate is eating a stuffed bear.
My drunk roommates just s--- on the floor.

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