For years we've been the laughing stock of auto insurance in the United States.  It's as though all the other states were watching us like America was watching Tiger King!

Here we were some of, if not THE, safest drivers in the country but we were paying the highest rates.  It defied logic but, then, laws and corporate decisions often do.  However, this week it's about to change.

The devil is in the details and that devil had to do with Personal Injury Protection or PIP.  This is the area where catastrophic injury occurs and the settlements can be in the millions.  That's why we have/had the highest premiums in the nation.

Allow me to use an automotive reference...There's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's getting brighter this week.  If you remember, the state legislature voted in May of last year to pass a new no-fault law like other states have done.

Starting Thursday, Michigan drivers will have choices when they buy or renew their auto insurance.  Those premiums were the highest because almost half went to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.  The fee will drop from $220 to $100 and drivers can keep that $100 if they opt out of unlimited medical coverage and pick a PIP set at $500,000 or $250,000.

Now, insurance agents are reminding everybody to choose wisely because injuries can be exactly that, catastrophic, and the most you could get with one of the less expensive plans is a half million dollars.  So, look at the choices.  It's not A or B.  And make the right decision for you and or your family.

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