Yesterday while driving along Cork Rd near Lovers Ln in Kalamazoo, Victoria Hensel discovered a puppy walking around the Harding's Family market parking lot without its' owners anywhere in site. They decided to pull into the parking lot and investigate the situation. Sure enough, the puppy's owners were not around and no tag or leash was connected to the pup.

I messaged Victoria and she informed me of the situation:

 She was found at the Harding's off of Cork and Lovers Lane. She is safe with us and doing well but we just want to find her owners.

Courtesy Victoria Hensel
Courtesy Victoria Hensel

Victoria informed me that if anyone knows or recognizes this puppy, or knows who it may belong to, she encourages you to contact her at 269-348-6531. Let's hope we can find her home. For anyone who may have lost or found pets, they can follow the Facebook page where this pup was posted at here: Kalamazoo Area Lost Pets.



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