For those of you who want to get a little gutsy this Halloween season and check out a truly disturbing local house, you need only to go to the crossroads of Park and Dutton St. to the old Hopkins House. The house where George Hopkins, former attorney and Kalamazoo's former Probate Judge. Hopkins passes away in the house in 1933. The most recent owner of the house would have trouble renting the property to anyone for more than a year because of the paranormal activity that is said to haunt the upper level of the house, where Hopkins died. Hopkins is one of the ghosts said to haunt the room in which he died.

The current owners, Robert and Nicole Du Shane are paranormal investigators, and have been since the 90's. This isn't something that's uncommon for them, but for others the haunt has been real. A total of 36 police reports have been filed for the house which resides at 704 S. Park St., and each report was for the same thing – people living there thought intruders had broken in. There's even said to be the ghost of a man who peers out from the attic window. Experience just how creepy the story gets below. This is now a Haunted Bed & Breakfast. So do you dare to spend the night with the restless spirits in the attic?

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