The Hard Times is a serious blessing to the internet, coming up with hilarious articles that are CLEARLY satire, but nevertheless amazing, usually with super funny titles. Recently in a new "article" that they published, the headline and story had a little fun with Tim Allen and Kalamazoo, with the article titled, "We Sat down with Tim Allen Because I Was Hoping He Still Had a Coke Hookup." *

In the article they have a fake interview with Tim Allen that goes sideways when they're faux reporter claiming to be from People, which he clearly isn't, brings up his drug history in Kalamazoo, asking:

Right, right. You still hang around with the old Kalamazoo crew at all?

Not really. Hey, wait. Are you actually from People magazine?

F* yeah I’m from People magazine! I’m a person, aren’t I?? So nobody from Kalamazoo? No old “work buddies” or anything?

Why did you put work buddies in air quotes? What’s going on here?

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"Tim Allen's" fictitious character goes on to say that "I’m not that guy anymore. I believe in clean, honest living." No doubt Tim Allen, in real life, turned everything around for himself but The Hard Times is here to remind everyone that it's okay to have fun with the past and to not take it too personally. Regardless, anytime Kalamazoo gets shown some love, even through satire websites, it's pretty sweet. I'm sure the REAL Tim Allen could get at least a chuckle out of it.

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