It's National Beer Day, and as big as beer has gotten in Michigan, I need to at least write a few words, since I won't be sending a card.

Beer has always been popular, but this current craft-beer wave is pretty amazing. I'm not really sure what started this. When the foodie craze started, you can point at the Food Channel, and see the genesis of it. Not exactly sure what got the beer thing going, but certainly taste might have something to do with it.

Of course, in Kalamazoo, there's Bell's Brewery. Originally starting in Battle Creek, and now in Kalamazoo, Arcadia Ales has made its presence known. While for most Budweiser and Miller are still the beers of choice, for many of us, the craft beer explosion has been a happy adventure.

Oberon has become my go-to beer, followed in the winter by Best Brown Ale, but Perrin's in Comstock Park has me actually choosing an (Grapefruit) IPA on occasion. Founders Brewing is a worthy competitor. Atwater in Detroit has a dopplebock named Voodoo Vator that's amazing if you like a dark tasty beer. And let's not forget places like Gonzo's and Boatyard Brewing, in and around downtown Kalamazoo. And I just saw that Tibbs is expanding.

Here's one that been around for centuries, but may surprise you: if you know someone who doesn't care for the taste of beer, trying import Lambic from Belgium. The raspberry one tastes like wine. It's quite good.

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