Well we knew it would happen, Halloween has come and gone and now we focus on the coming months. No doubt this is the toughest two months in terms of consuming food, with big dinners like Thanksgiving and whichever Holiday feast you enjoy with your family. But we need to prepare for those meals by losing some of this extra weight I'm sure we've all put on because of the candy we've ate. So here is a list of candy bars and how much we have to exercise to get rid of it provided by verywellfit.com:

  • Fun-sized Kit Kat bar (3 pieces/210 calories):  Run for 20 minutes or walk at a moderate pace for one hour.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (1 individual cup/105 calories): Cycling Workout for 25 minutes or swim laps for 15 minutes.
  • Fun-sized Almond Joy (1 bar/80 calories): 15 minutes of intense aerobics class, 30 minutes of yoga or 15 minutes of golf
  • Fun-sized Snickers bar (2 small bars/160 calories): Weight Training for 45 minutes, take a hatha yoga class for one hour
  • Fun-sized M&Ms (3 mini packs/180 calories) Cross country hiking for 30 minutes, go dancing with friends for 30 minutes
  • Fun-sized Hershey's Chocolate bar (1 small bar/77 calories) 10 minutes of racquetball, jump rope slowly for ten minutes
  • Fun-sized Whoppers (2 bags/60 calories): Moderate rowing machine workout for 10 minutes or a slow jog for about a mile
  • Candy corn (about 20 pieces/140 calories) Walk at a brisk pace for 35 minutes or play ping pong for 30 minutes

Best of luck on your weight loss journey!