I had the luxury of meeting Nicole Jennings, the wife of Kalamazoo-born NFL football player Greg Jennings, at Kalamazoo Greek Fest a couple of years ago!

We were a part of a belly-dancing contest in which we were dancing to raise money for our favorite charities.

I lost to Nicole, and I think the reason why is that she was pregnant and her adorable little girls came out and danced with her. So cute!

Well, the charitable Kalamazoo-native Nicole Jennings has taken her charity work to another level: Fashion.

Her charity is aptly named The Posh Mommy, and it opened for business at the Super Bowl, according to the Star Tribune.

The online boutique (theposhmommy.com) that raises money for charities opened a pop-up store in Arizona for its inventory of women’s and children’s clothing supplied by the wives, girlfriends and significant others of professional athletes.

“It’s a store for anybody to come in and shop,” Posh Mommy CEO Nicole Jennings, wife of the Vikings wide receiver, told the Star Tribune.

The majority of the items for sale are discounted designer wear, and proceeds from the store will benefit “Face in the Mirror, a charity out there that gives spa treatments to women who are going through chemo,” Nicole continued.

There are some really cute clothes and accessories on The Posh Mommy website! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Getty Image-Frederick M. Brow