Former Kalamazoo Central, Western Michigan and NFL star Greg Jennings and wife Nicole have launched a fund to provide grants for youth education programsin both Kalamazoo and Minneapolis, where Jennings finished his football career, with the Vikings.

This new fund will be managed by the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. In late 2017, the Greg Jennings Foundation Board of Directors unanimously voted in December 2017 to dissolve the private family foundation and transfer the funds to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

“More than $100,000 has been donated over the last decade through our foundation. We’ve seen firsthand how our investments have helped children get the educational support and programming they need to reach their full academic potential. (The Kalamazoo Community Foundation's) commitment to the community aligns with the spirit of our foundation and goals to continue making a positive impact in the lives of children in our home communities.” - Greg Jennings




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