Greg Jennings is a rookie again.

The Kalamazoo Central, Western Michigan University and NFL football star is embarking on a new chapter of his professional life - broadcasting. And, for his first game, Jennings got a great first assignment, calling the Green Bay Packers/ Minnesota Vikings game with partners Chris Myers, Brock Huard and Jennifer Hale. Jennings played for both teams during his NFL career.

Jennings told Fox 6 in Milwaukee,

"I think the experience that I've had in locker rooms on the playing field, being in both these uniforms, I understand where these fans...where they lay and how they feel about one another as well as the teams the importance of the game like this.

Quite a unique circumstance to start your announcing career; with numerous protocols in effect due to Covid-19. Not only are there no fans at most of the NFL games at the start of this season, but also, the NFL had restricted physical access to players and coaches which makes doing preparation more difficult. Also a minor inconvenience is plexiglass separation in the broadcast booth, and crew members like statisticians are not actually in the booth at most games, and of course, no pre-season games to get used to working with your partners.

As the saying goes, "if you can make it through this, you can make it anywhere." Jennings has that million dollar smile and if he can make the transition from former player to broadcaster, where he can criticize the players on the field, he'll be fine. He told Fox 6, "Because of my time with both of these organizations, I know both cultures. I know some of the players on both the teams."  That may be the key.

There wasn't much to criticize about the Packer on Sunday...They won 43-34. The Vikings, on the other hand....

Greg Jennings (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Greg Jennings (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
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