The city of Grandville has recently announced that they plan on scaling back their 4th of July celebration, which could ultimately lead to them straight up cancelling their fireworks show. In their media release, they said that the Grandville City Committee is planning to still hold multiple attractions at the event, including the flag raising ceremony at Wedgwood Park, flyover, 5K race, #10 School Open House at Heritage Park and softball/ and baseball games. They also made a statement regarding the possibility that the fireworks may still happen:

A final decision is pending regarding the fireworks tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 5.  The City Council has proceeded with the deposit for the fireworks show to allow a short window of additional time to continue the planning that might make this a possibility, with the hope that the State Orders are modified prior to the date final contracts are due. Final decisions regarding all 2021 July 4 events in Grandville are expected to be made and posted on the City’s website by the end of May.

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2019 marked Grandville's 50th 4th of July celebration, and sadly this year will be nothing like previous years, as they've had to cancel the pancake breakfast, parade, craft show, carnival, food vendors and live music, "due to the inability to adequately organize for or enforce current masking/distancing/contact tracing requirements." Many people were excited when an edible cookie dough shop, Dough Life, opened in 2019 in Grandville, yet sadly that too has been closed, possibly because of the pandemic. We'll hope and wait for better news, as we wait to hear the verdict on the fireworks display.

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