Did a recent publication just rank Grand Rapids as one of the most 'mid' large cities in the United States?  Also, is that a bad thing?

I realize that headline seems like clickbait.  However, a new happiness study puts Grand Rapids nearly smack dab in the middle of the pack. WalletHub recently published a study ranking the 182 largest cities in America on a happiness scale.  Here is how WalletHub.com came up with their results,

We examined each city based on 29 key indicators of happiness, ranging from the depression rate to the income-growth rate to the average leisure time spent per day.

You can see WalletHub's full study methodology by clicking here and scrolling down.  Michigan only has two cities within the 182 largest in the Nation.  Grand Rapids is officially mid.

Grand Rapids, Michigan map
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Grand Rapids was ranked the 85th happiest large city in the U.S. out of 182.  The residents of GR ranked a dismal #100 out of 182 for Emotional & Physical Well-Being. Grand Rapids ranked much better with Income & Employment at #42.

Detroit came in dead last.  According to this study, the Motor City is the least happy large city in America.  In fact, it ranked close to the bottom in nearly every category. Ouch.

Important note: Ohio has 3 large cities ranked in the bottom 10 of this study.  Akron (#173,) Toledo (#167,) and Cleveland (#181) is just one spot ahead of Detroit.


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