A flooring store just 10 minutes South of Grand Rapids in Wyoming, MI was broken into for their gold plated foam.

Old To Gold Hardwood Floors had a creative promotional idea that involved a pile of fake gold bars made of foam with the store logo on them.

Someone must have walked by and thought it was odd the store left all of their gold in the display window so, he decided to take care of that for them.  According to Fox 17,

When Old to Gold owner Rowdy Lapham came to work Monday morning he found the building broken into and several of their safes destroyed.  The phony gold bars were strewn across the floor amongst broken glass and paperwork. Apparently the would-be thief realized their error only after they had already smashed their way inside.

After looking at surveillance video, Lapham gathered that someone had gone to a whole lot of effort to break into their office. “They didn’t even bring their own tools.  They improvised by using a rock to get through the window, and then they even went through our work vans to find a hammer.”

The suspect is still at large.  So, hide your fake valuables.



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