She says she's a 2-year-old trapped in an adult body.

To be clear right from the get go, I do not support sex shaming.  I also support those who identify as a different gender than what they were born.  No judgement here.  However, this Indiana woman has me scratching my head.  So, I'm approaching this with an open mind.

Lexi is a 22-year-old woman from Indiana who enjoys watching cartoons and playing with toys.  She wants everyone to know that there is nothing sexual about her lifestyle according to the Irish Mirror,

Her boyfriend, who she calls 'Daddy', makes her food, reads her stories, puts her to bed and even changes her nappies every day.  However, they don't have a sexual relationship - and he's not allowed to sleep with other women.

Red flags are flying like crazy in my head right now.  So, I decided to do some research and find more info on Lexi.  Much to my surprise I was unable to find Lexi and her "daddy" on social media.

Maybe this story is fake, since the Irish Mirror is considered a tabloid and there are no sources noted in the article.  But then I stumbled upon an episode of 'My Strange Addiction' on TLC.  This episode features a 25-year-old woman from Buffalo, New York that also lives as a baby.

So, this is clearly a thing.  However, the woman from the TLC show dresses as a baby for about 12 hours a day.  Lexi from Indiana claims that this is not role play for her.  She lives as a baby 24/7.

If anyone in Indiana knows where we can find more info or any social media for Lexi the baby in Indiana, please let us know.

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