'Third Floor Sam' put up a sign outside his office and now he's getting beer after beer.

Sam Hoats is a senior digital strategist with Media Place partners in Grand Rapids.  Since is office sits directly above the Tree Room  of New Holland Brewing's Knickerbocker he came up with a crazy idea.  Put up a sign asking for beer.  But not just any sign.  A sign surrounded by colorful blinking lights that is several feet tall that reads, "PLEASE SEND BEER TO SAM ON FLOOR 3. THANK YOU!"

Has it worked?  So far Third Floor Sam has received 85 beers in the last year.

Knickerbocker General Manager Eli Harper told Fox 17 that they've been having lots of fun with this,

“It's a fun story that kind of lives within beer city and I think everyone around here appreciates getting a beer purchased for them every once in awhile,” Harper said.  Hoats has now become something of a legend within Knickerbocker. So much so that New Holland now has plans to release a beer inspired by his quest for free brews.

You thought the best way to get free stuff was in the free section of craigslist?  Apparently it's all about location, lights and the size of your sign.  I guess size does matter.

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