Nearly a dozen West Michigan ice cream shops were hit in just a week.  How the thief was caught is bananas.

This guy is cold to pick on small ice cream shops.  Not sure why he decided that would be the best cash grab as a thief.  He allegedly was getting around $200 on average per break-in.  He broke into ice creams shops in Grand Rapids, Walker, Wyoming and a few other spots in Kent and Allegan counties.

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Here's the scoop you've been waiting for that shows this criminal isn't as slippery as he thought he was.  A man by the name of Cameron Harris was arrested on outstanding warrants, that are unrelated to this case, on July 26th.  Just two day previous to the arrest his car was found empty and running near the scene and at the same time of one of the ice cream shop break-ins.  That's suspicious, but let's take a double dip into what happened next.

Harris was released with an electronic tether on Thursday.  Friday Night 3 more ice cream shops were robbed according to Wood TV 8,

A detective then checked Harris’ tether and found that it put him at the ice cream shops at the same time of the break-ins.  Harris was arrested again later July 30 at the Red Roof Inn in Cascade Township.

The 25-year-old ice cream bandit was soon arrested and charged with 3 counts of breaking and entering.  The investigation of the other break-ins continue.  It's safe to say that the police will likely connect this suspect to the previous break-ins in this ice cream caper.

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