Some people think nothing of dropping some trash out of their window while driving. While that makes you, and our great state look trashy, one litterer in Grand Haven is taking it to another level by trashing roads with used pantyhose.

The litterer has been dropping neglected nylon along Lakeshore Avenue in Grand Haven for years apparently. The Grand Haven Tribune reports,

Christina Tacoma, who lives a few houses south of the apartment complex, said she’s watched another neighbor use a stick to move the pantyhose into his garbage.

“He will not touch it,” she said, making a slight gagging noise.

Campbell Stephenson said he often notices a fresh pair of pantyhose on the road when he leaves for work Monday mornings.

“I text Rhonda (his wife) and tell her they are out there again,” he said.

Stephenson said the pantyhose has been showing up a lot more often lately.

So please, Grand Haven Pantyhose litterer, please hold your hose until you're home.

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