Would you like to have meals like this delivered right to your door?  Yes please!

Our first Blue Apron meal of 2017 was Steak and Green Peppercorn Sauces with hearty roasted potato and kale.

When Blue Apron asked me to be their paid spokesperson here in Kalamazoo I jumped at the chance.

Blue Apron delivers fresh food right to your door.  We're talking about meals that are delicious and healthy.  Since they are perfectly proportioned, you're wasting absolutely no food or ingredients.  How cool is that?

You'll hear me talk more about these delicious meals and how they not only ship the freshest food to your door but do it in a very environmentally friendly way.

I would love to hook you up with your first 3 meals free.


Bonus Video: Blue Apron Unboxing With Dana Marshall


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