Frosty Boy In Watervliet has been a staple of the community and through the years has built up a strong local following since opening their doors. Located at 620 S Main St Watervliet, MI, the shop built in 1980 has been up for sale recently and the new owners are dedicated to keep it thriving and also add new life to it. They made the announcement on Frosty Boy's Facebook page:

The Wagner Family just took a great leap of faith and are new owners of Frosty Boy in Watervliet! The former owners (Gladys and Craig) built an incredible, community-focused ice cream business that we are grateful to continue. We will be opening in early March! Thank you to Chris from Jaqua and Patrick from Sturgis Bank! And the biggest gratitude goes out to my parents, who always make me believe I can do anything

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The Menu

Frosty Boy serves the classics like soft serve vanilla, choc, twist, and flavorburst and 16+ flavors of hand dip topping. They also have fat free, low calorie yogurt and usually carry at least one flavor of dairy free. They serve their ice cream in cups, waffle, & sugar cones, while also serving food like hamburgers, Chicago dogs, chili dogs & more. They have inside seating, a walk up window & picnic tables to dine outside and drive through.

Saying Goodbye

The former owners, Gladys & Craig Christian said their heartfelt goodbyes back in November after selling the business to the new owners:

We thank each and every one of you who have helped this business grow over the past 11 seasons, and boy, did it grow! To all of our awesome employees, YOU rocked this place, and busier we were, the more you rocked! We were all just a big family at Frosty Boy. It's been great serving Watervliet and the surrounding communities.

Since the new ownership took place, they've put an emphasis on highlighting their crew, their favorite ice cream and the excitement they share in being a part of the team, while also running contests on creating new ice cream flavors with prizes.

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