Pioneers aren't always hailed immediately. In fact, looking at the woman taking a sip of this blue beer, the first thing that comes to mind is "Close your eyes, and hold your nose." In fact, she might as well be ingesting castor oil. (Are you shuddering at that memory, too?)

So what's up with this blue beer?

(Beer Shop HUB Sas Scop)
(Beer Shop HUB Sas Scop)

It's the product of a collaboration between a French brewer and a company pushing the health benefits of consuming algae. The brewer is Hoppy Urban Brew. The algae grower is Etika Spirulina from northern France. And product of this marriage is "Line", that's the brand name. You can check with Mega-Bev or Tiffany's or maybe Rishi's in Grand Rapids. The brewer only did 1500 bottles but now says it's going to ramp up production to meet demand. Okay, that might be a little, shall we say, optimistic.

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The blue hue comes from the spirulina, that the algae type. The New York Post story quotes one employee as saying the beer is selling well, but that it's probably curiosity driving these early sales. Another employee says it's "hoppy, light, and with fruity notes". (Lovely, a French person using snobby words; that may be a tad superfluous.)

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But in its favor, the color comes from something healthy. When folks here in these parts consume green beer, you're just quaffing a dye that turn the beer that color. If you like Budweiser, you're going to like green Budweiser, but there's really no added nutritional value in that beer.

So, when would you drink it?

But here's something to aim at. Bastille Day is July 14th. This might be the beer to pop open on that holiday.

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