The Swamp continues to grow. Former University of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez has been fired again, and the reasons sound pretty nasty.Rodriguez, who was fired from Michigan in 2011, was fired Tuesday by the University of Arizona after six season following an investigations of sordid allegations of sexual harassment were made against him.

ESPN reports Rodriguez was fired "in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation the university began investigating in October and a recent notice of a hostile-workplace lawsuit to be filed against Rodriguez."

The most sordid of the allegations are detailed here by Deadspin, in a NSFW story.

Rodriguez issued a statement, admitting to having an extramarital affair (with a non-state employee) but denied all allegations of sexual harassment.

Rodriguez, who succeeded Lloyd Carr at Michigan, made a lot of changes to the Michigan program that upset traditionalists, and was finally fired by former Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon, who later, himself, was replaced. According to wikipedia, "Rodriguez has the lowest winning percentage (.405) of any coach in Michigan football's history. He also went 0-3 against Ohio State and 0-3 against Michigan State"


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