While the pandemic has forced much of our every day life experience into the virtual world, that doesn't mean the experience can't still be fun and educational.

The Presidential Museum we have just up the road in Grand Rapids has put together a online presentation tied to Children's Book Week, which is May 4th-10th. The presentation coincides with the upcoming release of children’s book, “Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story.” The virtual experiences will be available beginning May 4 through the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum’s DeVos Learning Center website.

“Truth and Honor,” tells the story of President Gerald R. Ford at various stages in his life, from his early childhood years all the way through to his presidency in the 1970s. (Matt) Faulkner, a Michigan artist, brings the book to life with illustrations inspired by real-life photos of President Ford and various historic events. - Ford Museum release

The museum say the book is one of many online virtual experiences  the Museum is offering while the actual museum is closed by the coronavirus shutdowns. Many other virtual exhibits are online at Ford Library Museum.

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