When it comes to foraging, I know exactly nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. But, I can easily learn more thanks to a Kalamazoo area woman and her Tiktok account.

We've previously featured the WMU Alum@chaoticforager, for Tiktok Tuesday (about 2 years ago). Since then, her account has grown from 255k followers to over 1 million followers. With that growth comes even more knowledge for her to share.

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My partner is a chef and only recently learned about morel hunting in Michigan, something that @chaoticforager, or Mushroom Auntie as she calls herself on the app, knows all about. In fact, she even shares easy recipes using morels (something my S.O. was very excited about):

If you don't know, foraging is simply the act of identifying, searching for, and collecting food in nature. However, if you don't know what you're doing, you could accidentally snag something that is dangerous:

You definitely want to double-check anything you forage before consuming it.

Chaoticforager details how to pick specific mushrooms:

And, she even weighed in on the terrifying question brought up by the HBO show, The Last of Us. Can mushrooms turn people into zombies?

She says no (phew).

Overall, her account is a wealth of information for anyone who wants to get into foraging or learn more about foraging. Follow the @chaoticforager on Tiktok to see all of her videos.

Do you know someone in the SW Michigan area that has at least 10,000 followers on Tiktok and is doing something interesting on the app? Submit them below:

We might just feature them next week for Tiktok Tuesday.

By the way, did you know that there's a cactus that's native to Michigan? Read more below:

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